Australian Stevia is working towards being the leading cultivator and producer of great-tasting stevia sweeteners in Australia for the local and international food and beverage industry.

At Australian Stevia, our 100% Australian owned and operated business is dedicated to producing the best, natural origin, zero-calorie substitute for sugar made from natural Stevia plants.

Our Mission

Around the globe, consumers want more natural, healthy, sustainable ingredients: they want products that are good for them, their families and the planet. Our mission is to encourage healthier diets around the world through the supply of natural ingredients to the local and international food and beverage industry.

Australian Stevia is dedicated to producing the highest quality stevia on a massive scale and delivering low wholesale prices to businesses looking to develop products featuring these ingredients. As a stevia farm, we have the capacity to fulfil the needs of countless businesses looking for natural sweeteners.

Our harvests are processed locally, in Australia, and sold to Australian manufacturers and wholesalers, where it is refined into the products customers buy on the shelves, and we export our products globally. Our buyers can rest assured their customers will receive the finest product possible thanks to our quality crops.

Our Vision

Since 2004, Australian Stevia and its principals have been focused on Stevia and promoting its healthy substitution in lieu of sugar with food and beverage manufacturers.

Our vision is to create a global natural ingredient market based on great-tasting stevia products.

Australian Stevia are pioneering a vertically integrated supply chain for the stevia industry to make this vision a reality. Working with partners, customers, and suppliers, we are committed to delivering optimal taste, ensuring consumer acceptance, fostering ingredient advocacy and delivering scaled supply in a responsible, sustainable manner.

From reducing our impact on the environment through sustainable farming techniques, to educating the farmers and communities who grow it, this little plant has an incredible impact on the planet and the people it touches.