The Journey to Great Taste

The story of stevia is evolving. Australian Stevia’s research, development and innovation has led to natural stevia variations for multiple applications across the Food & Beverage market.

This plant has paved the way for the best-tasting, zero-calorie substitute for sugar for food and beverage products, overcoming the taste limitations of the early-stage stevia sweeteners.

Early Stevia Ingredients

When high-purity stevia extracts first came on the market in 2008, they contained primarily Reb A – the most abundant sweet molecule in the stevia leaf. Reb A worked well to sweeten some beverages and foods, but sometimes left a lingering aftertaste, depending on the product and the extent of sugar reduction.

Discovering New Stevia Extracts

Research revealed Reb A is just one of dozens of sweet molecules found in the stevia leaf. Each has unique taste and performance attributes including sugar-like taste, improved mouthfeel and reduced bitterness.

After years of extensive research, we now understand how stevia sweeteners work best to achieve modest to deep sugar reduction levels, while enabling great taste in food and beverage products.

Better Leaf = Better Taste

To extend our taste breakthroughs, Australian stevia went all the way back to the beginning and started to explore new stevia varieties. Through traditional cross-breeding techniques, we focused on the most sugar-like parts of the leaf.

Natural Stevia is australian stevia’s newest proprietary variety which contains >20x the sugar-like content compared to traditional stevia varieties. Extracts from natural Stevia enable companies to have a taste advantage and deeper sugar reduction without compromise.